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Kalon to Athlon

My Looong Procrastination

17 April
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A Few Pertinent Details:
I am a full-time mom who teaches swimming in the summer and volunteers to teach French in our elementary school. I have four kids, two adopted from foster care. I walk or run for at least an hour everyday. I used to weigh over 90 pounds more than I do now. I used to read voraciously, and someday I will again, but right now my youngest (a boundless well of energy and initiative) takes too much watching. I run a roach motel for books. Books check in. They don't check out. I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I grew up, but somewhere along the line I wandered off the sandy path. I have lived in Greece and Palestine, but only speak simple table Arabic now.

Just So You Know:
[I seldom comment on the fics I read, because I have a hypercritical inner editor who chews through the restraints all too often. It's the result of growing up with an English prof for a dad, I guess. The results are seldom pretty. Please, therefore, excuse my lurking tendencies. I am learning to give feedback more often, though, on the grounds of "Do unto others..." I am naturally shy, although I sometimes overcompensate, but I am generally a friendly and conciliatory soul, so feel free to friend me if the lack of back-chatter won't bother you.]

Oooh. That stuff in the square brackets was written back when I was a n00b here, and isn't too accurate anymore. If I read fic on lj, almost without exception I comment. My inner editor has mellowed, especially in view of the fact that I really don't have time to clean my own stuff up to meet my own exacting standards, and thus to complain about others errors would be rank hypocracy. I do try to avoid that! I'm still a friendly and conciliatory soul, but I seem to have become positively voluable, so if you would like me to shut up, lemme know. I prefer not to offend. Please do feel free to friend me.

Kalon to Athlon:
means the contest/struggle is good/beautiful in Ancient Greek

My Own Personal Happy Ending:
Is my husband, nicknamed Mr. Bear. <---THAT has not changed!, but I refer to him in this journal as Beloved Husband.