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Quirky Meme, Free to a Good Home

I've been tagged by not_a_zatarc, and I'm perfectly happy to join in the fun, but I have this quirk, 'ya see... I hate to tag people. I know. It makes me no fun. But it's my quirk, and I'm happy with it. Don't mind being tagged though, as long as folks don't mind that I won't pass it along. So, if you want this, feel free to adopt it. See its large, lustrous, pleading, hopeful eyes? Aren't they heart melting? Don't you just wanna hug it? You wouldn't want it to languish would you?

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. Well, there's the not tagging thing. You saw that one coming, didn't you? Can we just agree that there were a few chain letter incidents when I was young and impressionable? [Turns head to the side. Bites lip. Sighs. Turns back. Speaks resolutely but with a hint of vulnerability.] I just don't want to talk about it!

2. I went to a women's college renowned for accepting very bright women and turning them into very good - if a bit obsessive - scholars. My father and grandfather and my mother were/are academics. The result? I generally footnote my jokes. I can't just tell them. I also have to name my sources. Otherwise it's plagiarism!

3. I lived in a single sex dorm for all four years of college (there were co-ed dorms shared with students at an all male college just over a mile away), but for the last two years of that my room was co-ed. I graduated on Sunday, he graduated on Monday, we married on Tuesday.

4. At the end of Junior year I brought my boyfriend home to meet my dad. I'm his only daughter. Dad was living with his girlfriend after the failure of his third marriage. I told him I would be bringing my boyfriend home and that we were thinking of getting married, and Dad asked "One bed or two?" I said "One". He begged us not to get engaged before he could talk to us both. The night before the visit was to end, Dad took us aside, and explained that there were societal pressures on unmarried women, and societal pressures on married women, both of which could hold me back from self-actualization, and said that I should make my choice with my eyes open. He didn't want us to make his mistakes. "Couldn't you just live together for a while?" he asked plaintively. He went upstairs. My boyfriend waited for his steps to recede, looked deeply into my eyes, and asked "Will you marry me?" "Yes." I said. We told Dad the next morning. He took it well. After he saw how happy we were after a year of marriage, and how little change it made in our relationship (If you are committed for "Always!", the actual marriage certificate is just a piece of paper saying society agrees.) he took his girlfriend down to City Hall and married her. They've been together almost 29 years. But scary "What are your intentions towards my daughter?" Jacob Carter he ain't and never will be. Coming (at least half-way) from a home like that, you can see that I am not ever quite successful at being conventional.

5. I have worn makeup (other than for Halloween costumes and theatrical productions) exactly once in my life, and it wasn't for my wedding. It was for a faculty/student dinner my freshman year. I bowed to pressure from my dorm mates. I felt like I was wearing a borrowed face over my own (kind of like the ones they used to rip off in the old series Mission Impossible) and I didn't like it.

6. I'm an obsessive learner. If I find something that captures my attention, I'll end up watching/listening/gazing/reading over and over and over and over, and soaking up everything related I can find. Seeing as I'm Jeopardy-brained (meaning that my brain collects random facts and seems to take perverse pleasure in holding on to them like Grim Death in inverse proportion to how useful they are in daily life), this means that I have a pretty large collection of truly useless trivia, some of which I'd give good money to forget, and people who have lived with me are heartily sick of certain music/tv shows/etc.

7. All my life I've wondered at people who smile when they are ticked (à la Jack O'Neill). I mean how weird is that? A few months ago my middle daughter asked me "Mom? Why do you smile when you are pissed? That's so strange!" I've been thinking about it, and I think I do it when I feel like giving in to the anger would be inappropriate. But still... I kind of feel like my face has betrayed me.


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Jan. 27th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
5. I hate make-up. Occasionally I'll wear a little eye shadow and chapstick, but seriously, that's it. Whenever my sister would put make-up on me I hated it and wouldn't look in the mirror 'cuz it just didn't look like me. It was scary. lol.

6. I get like that sometimes. I find something interesting, then I have to learn everything I can about it. :)
Jan. 27th, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
#4 is such an awesome story! I love that you and your husband inspired your dad and his wife, especially since it's worked out so well. And this:

If you are committed for "Always!", the actual marriage certificate is just a piece of paper saying society agrees.

I totally agree, and I'm happy to hear you say so. A lot of people say that it did change their relationship, but as long as we've been together (eight years), I just don't see it making a monumental difference to in our everyday lives, maybe just to the world around us, you know? It took me a long time to reach the point where I wanted society's approval, and I'm glad that we waited until it felt right, but I'm really super excited!

And footnoting your jokes? That's fantastic!
Jan. 29th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
love #3 :D sweet

LOL! I just can't see Jacob using self-actualization anywhere in the conversation when meeting his daughter's boyfriend/would-be fiance! (eg)

eh. I'm not quite that..bad? at the learning thing. but otoh, you can ask my braintwin how annoying I get when I go looking for some random piece of data to make a fic conform 'real-ish' and end up spending an evening wandering around the internet at tangents to the info.. sigh. my total lack of ability to recall data, however, hinders any inkling I might ever have had to really get into data collecting

the damn smile. society's answer to everything....uh. random thought just flew by. is bowing to the smile like a gay person allowing people to assume the partner they have is of the opposite sex? never mind -waves hand distractedly
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