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To the Americans in the Audience

Okay, so CNN has a page here (Campaign Explorer) where you can see how much each of the presidential campaigns have spent, nationally and state-by-state. My sympathies to those of you in the battleground states. Here in Vermont, Obama has spent 0 dollars. Romney has spent 0 dollars. Of course we share television coverage with New Hampshire (5.46 million dollars Obama, 1.27 million Romney) so we are not campaign ad virgins, but still, I love living in a state that doesn't actively attract all than nonsense, because really, you guys, are any of you guys a dim enough bulb to base your vote on what you saw in one of those ads? I know people do, that they say the Willie Horton ad [Wikipedia article here] was a watershed. But you guys are all smarter than that, I know. You look at all the issues, and make up your minds based on facts and clearly stated positions, not emotional flim-flam, right?

I'm only going to say this once, people.


or loose your right to complain for the next 4 years.



Nov. 4th, 2012 12:59 pm (UTC)
Already voted in early voting! Check!
Nov. 5th, 2012 09:07 pm (UTC)
Yay you. Early voting is available here, but since it involves heading up to the Town Hall and bugging the Town Clerk, and the results are the same (with only some 900 people in town, not all of whom are eligible to vote we don't have a problem with long lines, etc.), so Beloved Husband and I will vote tomorrow. One of the beautiful things about small town Vermont democracy is that kids really get to see how it works on a small scale. They see the massive effort that the adults make to attend Town Meeting, and the importance they place on serving in elected offices in town. They see how every vote really does matter. Both my kids will vote tomorrow too, and when they do it will not necessarily be just because we brought them up right, but more because their community brought them up right.

Back in the days of Bush-Gore one of my daughter's friends had a mother who lived in Florida following a remarriage. The mother called, distraught, to say that she had not bothered to vote because she thought her vote would not make a difference, and she was kind of busy that day. We've always made it a priority not to be busy on that day. Every few years my husband's employer comes to him and asks him to change his day off from Tuesday to another day, because it makes provider scheduling easier for them. He always turns them down. We vote on Tuesday. Town Meeting is on Tuesday. Piano Lessons are on Tuesday (the one activity in the week where I don't have to be the chauffeur). No thanks. He'll work the evening hours they want him to work, he'll work Saturdays when they have difficulty getting nurses to work because he thinks the patients need some weekend hours available, but he won't work Tuesdays.

Icon is in honor of your early voting!



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