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I just wanted to post to let folks know why I have been rudely ignoring them.

I haven't really.

On June 8th we had a couple of sizeable thunderstorms come through here, and this caused us to lose both power and phone. When the phone came back on a few hours later, it was at best unreliable. On our end, sound kept dropping out. The folks we were talking to heard plenty of crackling and static.

This made connecting to our dial-up internet an impossibility. I got about an hour in while sitting with our laptop at one of my kids' weekly appointments, because the building has free wi-fi, and I mostly used that to answer my personal e-mails. We finally got connectivity back here a few hours ago, and then I had some business transactions I needed to take care of before I could get down to socializing.

So if you asked me a question or sent me a response, and you got no reply [*How rude!*] it wasn't because I was lazy or ignoring you. I just was "away".

Back now. Hopelessly behind. I'll be working hard to catch up about in time to go out of town for a week for the last week of June. At least then I'll be able to take the laptop with me, and I'll be heading into the land of wi-fi and fast internet!

So anyway, I'll be getting back to you all as soon as I can, provided I don't have to take too much time out building an empty padded room for the Whirlwind of Destruction to bounce from wall to wall in without wrecking anything. School ended today, and she's been in rare form lately.

On Friday she followed on foot after her almost 16 year old sister, who was on her bike. The Whirlwind is not allowed to leave the property. She's eight and knows this. A mother of a classmate drove her home from way down the two lane road where the cars come by doing 60 in the 50 m.p.h. zone by our house, and where the shoulders are narrow. I read her the riot act, and threatened to tear her a new one if she did it again, and restricted her to the house. It was a first, and she'd been lost and scared until the mom saw her and stopped, so I figured she'd learned her lesson.

On Monday, someone from our town stopped by to ask was the small person wandering the road around the bend ours? She rather thought she might be. I had been in the bathroom when the Whirlwind took off. I ran the half mile down to the neighboring farm in flip-flops before I saw her. Again she'd been trailing her sister, who saw but took no action! Grrrrrr!!!! The local cows got to stare wide-eyed at my stomping, roaring, wildly arm-waving madwoman show. The Whirlwind was chasened. For at least five minutes.

Today I shut my eyes for 15 minutes because I'd had to get up ferociously early after only about 2 1/2 hours of sleep to be sure to get things done and be ready for the early dismissal time, so I wouldn't be still doing my 5 mile circuit when The Whirlwind was dropped off, and she scattered every sandwich bag we had in the house (who knew we had so many!) all over the floor to do their acclaimed banana peel impressions, while using up an entire role of cellophane tape (which had been hidden in my room) and writing on (it seemed like) everything in sight with indelible marker. And she purloined two gluesticks and lost one and used most of the other up. She said she was making her dad a Father's Day present. I found the sticks of unused staples before I stepped on them though, so there's that.

People wonder why she will spend two weeks this year in hockey camp, and most of the other weeks in day camp. For people who needed the indolence of summer to recharge their batteries when they were kids, this seems brutal, and for some kids it is. I would never have done that to my other three. The Whirlwind needs the presence of other kids and massively energy-sucking activity, or all Hell breaks loose, and she starts to feel like she is a Bad Kid, she spends so much of her day in the dog house. If I can get through this week, and the last one before school starts, it should be manageable.

On the plus side, the flowers have been stunning. Our front garden has well over a hundred Siberian Iris in bloom, and the peonies are tightly budded, covered with ants, and awaiting imminent blossom. Hummingbirds swoop in and out feasting. Down under the apple tree, the older peonies are in full bloom, and the yellow Siberian and the dark blue and white "Blue Flag" Irises lining the stream are all unfurled and flying. The rhododendron and the climbing roses are open. The chives are a forest of pink pom-poms. The rhubarb has sent up high spikes of white disks on a stalk that pass for its flowers. Off in the woods the Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Columbine, and Coltsfoot Lilies are in flower.


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Jun. 15th, 2011 12:27 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Good to have you back online!
Jun. 16th, 2011 03:59 am (UTC)
It's good to be back.

And it will be easier to be back now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over.

Alas, the Canucks of Vancouver are not the superior warriors, O'Neill.
Jun. 16th, 2011 04:14 am (UTC)
Man, it was heartbreaking following #Canucks on Twitter during Game 7. :(
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:06 am (UTC)
It was just as heartbreaking following them on NBC. Mind you my husband (b. Springfield, Massachusetts) was happy. I had been rooting for Vancouver since the start of the playoffs because a) they are my son's favorite team and b) my Minnesota Wild were hopeless, and didn't make the playoffs. As a matter of fact it was, I think, worse watching. The Canucks' body language said it all. They were trying, they were scrapping. They were getting shots off. Still, they knew they were beaten after that first goal, and their bodies said so.
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)
Yeah, apparently injuries took their toll on the Canucks.

The loss is extra devastating now that the riots are bigger news than the Cup. :(
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:32 am (UTC)
Oh, dear. How horrid. I'd been (temporarily) spared that disappointment (although I would have gotten it in the morning in any case) by the fact that I've been online and not attending to the news.

This will shake some Americans' (erroneous) impressions that Canadians are inevitably and always law abiding and polite, and exchew violence at every turn. (Which always confuses me. Where do they think that mamy of the finest hockey enforcers come from?)

I hope that the damage remains confined to property, and not to people.
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:46 am (UTC)
It's disappointing and tragic. :(

RT @cwistal: This is disgusting. Injured Bruin fan.
http://yfrog.com/khb4ajj #canucks #pr

24 hours Vancouver: Body has been taken to hospital after dropping 3 storeys from Rogers Arena #Canucksriot

Amanda Tapping: Damn. This is not our Vancouver. Sad for the loss. Even more sad by the lack of grace. Peace my brothers. Peace my sisters. Peace my soul.


Edited at 2011-06-16 06:48 am (UTC)
Jun. 15th, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC)

And I thought I had my hands full with just one housecat who claims (every 90 minutes) that she hasn't been fed in days.
Jun. 16th, 2011 03:57 am (UTC)
Your poor cat is just having a little trouble with math, specifically the cat years to human years conversion. Your housecat obviously did the calculations and came up with the figure 90 min.= several cat days.

If it's any consolation, my cats aren't any more accurate in their calculations.
Jun. 16th, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)
This is what happens when I'm married to a college math teacher and have a clever cat.

I figure that homo sapiens sapiens have a lifespan roughly 5x that of felis domesticus, therefore 1 human day = 5 cat days. Even with that ratio (1 human hour = 4.8 cat hours) I still think she can wait at least 120 minutes before bothering me for snacks.

(Pretteh kitteh in icon iz pretteh BTW.)
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
Pretteh kitteh is now living with my daughter outside Philly. We still have her sister, but when I was looking for kitty pictures to make into icons, this one was one of the most suitable.

I confess to punching up the green of the eyes a little, because the particular photo didn't do them justice, but I think I may have exaggerated just a bit.

As to the not getting it about asking too often, maybe the problem is a language barrier. Maybe she doesn't understand English. Have you tried either a) explaining it to her in Goa'uld or b) using the method favored by so many North Americans abroad - stating it over again more slowly and loudly? ;-)
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:10 am (UTC)
KREE! The universal language for SHUT THE HELL UP!

I've tried meowing to her slowly & loudly, to no avail. She just stares at me with her big green eyes (she's a black cat) and comes back 5 minutes later with the same demands.

Ah well, life would be much less interesting without her.
Jun. 16th, 2011 06:16 am (UTC)
And far less warm in the winter time without your personal lap warmer!
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