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November 5th, 2017


Summary: Well, okay, for today's story it is not a butterfly beating its wings that rocks a world, it's a common fly. And you get to be a fly on the wall for a day in the life of seven year old Daniel Jackson.
Word Count:2,427
Characters: Daniel, Claire, and Melburn Jackson, Jack, Catherine Langford, Sam, and Original Characters
Era: Preshow/Stargate [the movie]/Season One and Season Two
Categories:Character Study
Author's Note: Daniel has had a tough life. Why is his heart still so warm? Why is his faith in humanity so strong? This is my answer.
Brief quotes from Stargate the movie, and The Torment of Tantalus are the work and words of the writers of those scripts. Please don't sue the pants off of me. I'm only borrowing, and I'm a slightly pudgy middle aged woman. The nekkid and pantsless look is not what you are after, I promise!

Excerpt: Marble archaeology was a fun game. Every day after breakfast, until it became stiflingly hot and his parents came to get him to eat lunch in the cooler semi-dark of one of the tombs cut into the walls of the cliffs near the dig and then nap through the worst of the day's heat, and again in the late afternoon as the heat was fading, and even after dinner, as the night grew cool, Daniel would dig slowly through his filled in hole, little grid square, by little grid square, being careful to note any changes in color or texture or color, and how far down from the string grid that marked the original surface they fell. He tried to make sure that he wrote down everything he saw right away, because if he didn't, sometimes he couldn't remember exactly how it had been.

"Archaeology is a process of destruction," his Mom had told him. "You have to be sure your records are good, because you will never be able to put it all back the way it was. In a hundred years if another archaeologist wants to know how it all was, your notebook will be the only way for him to find out."

Click here to find out how our Daniel came to be, but almost wasn'tCollapse )



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A Few Words from the Wise

Speak to him, for there is none born wise.

-The Maxims of Ptahotep


In mourning or rejoicing, be not far from me.

- an Ancient Egyptian Love Song


But your embraces
alone give life to my heart
may Amun give me what I have found
for all eternity.

-Love Songs of the New Kingdom, Song #2


To Know the Dark

To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is travelled by dark feet and dark wings.

-Wendell Berry


Up in the morning's no for me,
Up in the morning early;
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw,
I'm sure it's winter fairly.

-Robert Burns


Visit to the Hermit Ts'ui

Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies,
Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows.
I envy you, drunk with flowers,
Butterflies swirling in your dreams.

-Ch'ien Ch'i


Mistress of high achievement, O lady Truth,
do not let my understanding stumble
across some jagged falsehood.



Every Gaudy colour
Is a bit of truth.

-Nathalia Crane


I counted two-and-twenty stenches,
All well defined, and several stinks.

-Samuel Coleridge