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Well we just got back from the big family Christmas get together today, and if I type really fast then I can wish a Very Happy Birthday to mayogate before her birthday is over here in Vermont, although it ended a while ago in the British Isles. I hope your birthday was celebrated with spirit and joy, and that you had plenty of friends and family around you to raise a glass to many, many returns of the day.

You have an interesting and original mind, and you are clearly a woman who knows what she likes and goes for it. I admire that. It took me many years to learn to do that publicly and not feel guilty about it. May it bring you much success and fulfillment!


And now for something completely different (Which reminds me. Must make Monty Python icon!):

I am back from Christmas away, and thoroughly enjoyed having all four of my kids under one roof again for a few days. The food was good, the small people were adorable, the laughter was abundant, and none of the mishaps were disastrous.

We got back just in time to take the Whirlwind of Destruction of to the pediatric ophthalmologist, and she returned with glasses, which she really likes, and was sooo pleased with. She got to see a clear night sky full of stars with the new specs on and was awe-struck and amazed. She'd never seen anything like it before! Then her fifteen year old sister told her she looked like a total dork in them. Crestfallen doesn't begin to describe it. Clearly the beatings must continue until morale improves and we learn the lesson that honesty is not an excuse to trample on others! Frankly, I think the glasses look pretty cute. Besides, teenagers behind glass rectangles shouldn't throw stones!

And those of you who are concerned, and wish to report me, just remember that my eldest daughter came home one day to say "Mom? You know what? You guys are different from the other parents. I do something and the other kids say 'Oooh! Look out! When your folks find out, you're so gonna get it!' They never believe it when I tell them that all you are gonna do is talk to me about it until I realize why it was wrong and apologize and agree not to do that again. They say that if that's all their parents did, then they'd never behave. They just don't get it. When you guys have to talk to me I feel really bad! It's worse than being spanked, 'cause it isn't just over and then you can ignore it again. It makes you think about what you did and not want to do it again ever."

Oh, now I've gotten all verbose again and missed the midnight posting deadline! Sorry Mayo! The heart was in the right place! It was the mouth that was motoring on regardless.

Anyway, the point is, I'll be looking through the backlog, now that things are going more back to normal, but if you have anything that you want me to take a look at right away now, YES NOW!, lemme know here. Otherwise, I'll be getting there. Soon. Well, less not-soon anyway.

Oh, and-

Glee for the day:

We got home after a significant snow event, to discover that our driveway had been cleared for us. We suspect our neighbors who have chickens. We have fed the chickens on several occasions when they were away and refused to accept payment for it, since it really is only a matter of moments to swap out the old water for new and scoop a few measures of grain. It's a bit of a hike up their hill, but it's not like we can't use the exercise. So now we are involved in a grand old Northern New England tradition - the Favor War, in which the object is to do more good than you receive - and in my opinion, they currently have the upper hand!

I love living here.


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Dec. 29th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
Yay! Welcome back!!

Love your description of the Favour War!

Obviously, it will be Very Important to catch up with LOLMac. I suggest you do so in forward chronological order, so as to fully enjoy all the nuanced delights of the season: http://lolmac.livejournal.com/2010/12/22/

You caught the newest fic before you left, so you didn't miss any smut. I'm cuirrently trying to finish a piece of holiday schmoop that I didn't know was going to pounce bunnifically.
Jan. 1st, 2011 04:50 am (UTC)
bless you and your neighbours :) as traditions go, that sees like a dang healthy one
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