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I Guess I Should Let You Know Why I'm Here

Experience has now taught me that some folks want to know something about me, and don't necessarily check out my Profile page, where I tell you something about me and my interests.  For now I have this lj largely because I occasionally see a discussion that I want to post to and put my two cents in, and to do so anonymously seems distasteful to me.  I do write, but you won't see too much posted here.  I have a couple of Five Things-es up on The Pentangular Gate, and perhaps I may post more often here, and even post some fic after the next school year starts in the fall.  Once my dearly beloved five year old Whirlwind of Distruction enters full time kindergarden I might have some time to devote to such things, but as it stands now, I'm barely treading water.  I've just got a bare minimum here now so that hopefully folks can get a minimalist feeling for who I am and what I'm about.

I read a lot of Stargate fanfic.  A lot.  And that is what originally lead me to lj.   I was following the fic.  Many, if not most, of my favorite authors have lj's and post primarily on their journals, so here I am.  As a rule I lurk and don't comment regularly, because I have found that as a writer, who had some training in grad school as an editor, and as the daughter of a published writer, I have an inner snarky critic that sometimes sneaks out and wreaks havoc.  I don't want to discourage any geese from laying those golden eggs, so I shut up.  But if you want my opinion, feel free to ask for it.  I'll try to say it positively.  I'm well aware that I am living in a glass house here.

I am a Sam/Jack shipper, although I started out as a definite Gen type, but I got converted.  I will read other pairings occasionally, but I really am not into slash in this fandom, since it seems to me that none of the main characters was conceived of/written as gay.  That said, have read some slash, but largely for other redeeming features, like a screamingly funny scene or situation.  I defend to the death the rights of others to write the stuff.  Just warn me, so I can make an informed decision as to whether to read it, is all I ask.  And I really hate it when folks insist that their particular OTP is the Revealed Truth of God.  Come on, guys.  I won't be obnoxious about my OTP, if you aren't in my face about yours.  I like plenty of angst with a happy ending best, but am perfectly happy with all other kinds of fics, if they are well written, or inventive, or have a particularly unique or flavorful mood.

I used to be a Trekkie in my youth, and have the books and tapes to prove it, but haven't touched them in years.

I have a husband who is a primary care internist (basically a pediatrician for grownups) and four kids, three girls and a boy.  The eldest two, ages 22 and 18, a girl an a boy, are our biological offspring.  Our younger two, ages 12 and 5 are adopted from the foster care system.  The 12 year old came to us two weeks after her first birthday, and the 5 year old was born prematurely at 27 weeks, and weighed only 1 lb. 10 oz. at birth, and came home to us weighing a little less than 4 lbs. a few weeks before what would have been her due date.  All this has led me to interests in medicine, foster care, adoption, child development, hockey, figure skating, acting, and computers, and internet culture.  Not that I know anything about programming or am an internet hipster.  But my daughter is working in IT, and my son is a drama/computer science double major.  Son and youngest daughter play hockey, and the youngest two are figure skaters.

I am a diabetic, who as a result of undiagnosed diabetes had a heart attack 4 1/2 years ago.  Fortunately it was caught early, and I got of lightly, but as a result I have had a major lifestyle transplant, and have changed the way I eat drastically, and added much more exercise to my routine.  My lowfat, almost no saturated fat, low carb diet makes it hell on wheels to eat out, but between that and my hour a day of vigorous exercise, I have lost 95 lbs. since my heaviest days.  That's like misplacing an average fourth grader, guys!  Despite the heart attack and the diabetes, I am probably healthier now than I was 10 years ago.  I certainly have more energy and can do more.

I teach swimming in the summer.  I was a competitive swimmer, but not because I was any good at it.  I liked the workouts.

I'm short.  My husband is tall.  Our children are short, tall, short, and t.b.a.

I lived in Athens, Greece for a year when I was in first grade, and went to a Greek school.  I visited in my stepfather's village in Palestine for a few months at the end ot the year, and started out second grade in the village school there.  Although I don't retain either of those languages, since I didn't use them when I got back to the states, I maintained an aptitude for learning languages and volunteer as a French teacher in our small local elementary school.  I do have some table Arabic still.  I also know some German, some Ancient Greek, and am pretty decent in Latin.  I can read some Italian and Spanish with a dictionary, but leave the Russian to my eldest, who majored in it.  As a child I was cared for by the family downstairs, so that my earliest babbling was apparently in Mandarin.

Right after I grew out of my desire to grow up and be the Lone Ranger, but before I gave up on the dream of being able to kiss my elbow and turn myself into a little boy, I decided to become an Egyptologist.  I went so far as to major in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, and did some grad school in archaeology, before I realized that both my husband and I wanted to live in rural northern New England, where a Phd in the field would be an expensive affectation, rather than a ticket to a professorial job.  The closest jobs for Egyptologists were in Providence and Boston, both big cities, so I never got the degree.  But I'm still an enthusiast and somewhat of a wannabe.

In Greece the English is English, and I read a fair amount of Brit Lit, so my spelling tends to be somewhat back and forth between British and American conventions.  Like I said.  Glass houses.

My family is rife with lawyers, doctors [natural enemies by profession, peacefully co-existing among our family], professors (Greek, Latin, Classics, English, Creative Writing, Law), engineers, scientists, bankers, and VERY STUBBORN PEOPLE.  We also have a good line in talented amateur musicians. 
My ancestry is a Heinz 57, with Northern and Western Europe predominating.  I have no full siblings, but I think of my five half-siblings (brother, sister, sister on my Mom's side - brother , brother on my Dad's side) that way.  It took the full reproductive lives of 6 adults to produce the 6 of us, so my family is not really responsible for world overpopulation!

Living in a family with so many different sides has made me very aware that life is not black and white.  There are a vast number of shades of grey.  People I love, care about, and am related to are Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Palestinian, atheist, native born, immigrant, American, Canadian, hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, male, female, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, and colored every color of the rainbow.  I wouldn't be here without my Catholic Irish genetics combining with my Protestant Irish genetics, as well as the English genetics, the Yankee abolitionist genetics with the Confederate slaveholder genetics, the settler with the Native American, the German with the Dutch, Belgian, and French, etc., etc...  Don't make me knock your heads together.  Do unto others, and get along!

I am a pretty friendly sort, and life in a small town (pop. < 900) has taught me the importance of pitching in and helping when you can, so I will offer aid and comfort where and when I can, but if this bothers you or seems intrusive, let me know.  I'll gladly butt out.  




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Nov. 26th, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)
I just wanted to say that you rock! And I am honored to have you on my flist.

Nov. 26th, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
Why, thank you. The feeling is mutual, and so is the friending.
Oct. 6th, 2009 12:47 am (UTC)
you sound like quite the lady, cheers :D
hope you don't mind the friending; since being converted to Siler.. anyone who gives him a role tends to capture my attention, lol.

I'm going to wildguess 'france' french rather than bon quebecois?

hear hear to agreeing to disagree and getting on with living. and on long-ago trekkiness ;)

anywho. see ya about
Oct. 6th, 2009 04:05 am (UTC)
Definitely the French of France rather than Quebeçois, since my French was all learned at school, rather than "in the wild". I've been told my accent is decent (it didn't start out that way since my first teacher was a Hungarian immigrant who learned broad Quebeçois when her family moved to Montreal), and having had British Ambassador to France's daughter who learned all her French at a very exclusive school in Paris as a second teacher probably helped. Since I wrote that profile 2 yrs ago, our small (79 students, pre-K through 6th) elementary school voted the money to hire a professional teacher, a move I enthusiastically support. They learn Spanish, which seems a little silly up here in Vermont, which borders Quebec!

Siler rocks! So does Pierce Brosnan.

Nope. Don't mind friending in the least. I've backatcha'd.

Edited at 2009-10-06 04:07 am (UTC)
Oct. 6th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
hungarian-quebecois? LOL!!! yeah, can imagine... barely

I'd have loved to learn spanish, or *any* language. but there was nothing on offer. just French and English as a second language (oy vay boring when you learned it at home)

:D can so see the completely taciturn expression as he says that (icon) :D
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